MTB Transportation, Taurus SHO

So... I am not fond of the idea of hooking a carrier onto my trunk also the last one I saw on a Taurus wouldn't work on mine because of the rear spoiler. I've looked at the sea suckers mount, they do seem nice, but on the other hand I would really love something that leaves the front wheel on. » 9/18/14 1:20pm Today 1:20pm

I like a few IPA's, but I steer clear of most. I do enjoy Lagunitas and to a lesser extent, Sierra Nevada. But my favorite beers are often Pale Ale's. I'm also a big fan of Leffe, Coors Banquet Beer and Heffeweisen's. But IPA's? Really... Why I are they so popular? To me they are often too bitter and too hard to… » 9/18/14 11:18am Today 11:18am

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