On the other hand the are behind from an innovation standpoint, perhaps once they catch up through what I would admit is their unfortunate practice of copying the Western world, perhaps then they will start innovating. » 11/08/14 2:28pm 11/08/14 2:28pm

The first and only thing I can keep thinking about with this concept is batteries and the fact that I'd probably stack at least two of them, if they'll allow me. I would be fine with my current phone being twice as thick if it means double the batter life. » 11/07/14 4:06pm 11/07/14 4:06pm

Some comments see the poaching portion of this as cheating. I was in a relationship at one point with someone that had previously/recently dated one of my friends, but it had ended.. and she actually pursued me, but in a way it was still poaching, because she became interested in my when I met her while she was dating… » 10/31/14 9:22am 10/31/14 9:22am

That is a fascinating watercraft! Never heard of it and I was very active in the jetski world, as I raced them. I've seen all sorts of rare and odd jetski's, but never this one. How was speed and handling on these? Did the picklefork design work well? » 10/30/14 11:25am 10/30/14 11:25am

I have a droid razr M, I'm an intense user and often have trouble making it half way through a day, which is fine at work, I just plug it in. But on the go, I ALWAYS carry Anker 6000 mAh battery pack with me. It's what keeps me mobile. But shit, we've gone back to CORDED PHONES. My old flip phone can last for 3-4 days… » 10/30/14 9:50am 10/30/14 9:50am

I want a nuclear fusion car!

Based on this article. Or alternatively I'd be happy to charge my fully electric car with an in-home unit. But mostly I want one in a car. In all seriousness how likely do you guys think it is we'll see fusion power in our lifetime? » 10/29/14 4:11pm 10/29/14 4:11pm

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